Simply due to the fact that it’s raining does not indicate you can’t still enjoy yourself and play well.
Here are 10 suggestions to assist you play golf when it’s wet …
1) Waterproof equipment
If you’re a committed all-weather golf enthusiast, do not cut corners on the waterproof gear from head to toe– good quality waterproofs are essential. Watch out for things like zippered trousers bottoms, that make them much easier to get on in a hurry over your spikes Wet feet produce miserable walking, so if your shoes have actually done their water resistant time, invest in a brand-new pair.
2) Grips and spikes.
There are two essential points of contact in a golf swing– with the ground and with the club. If either is less than solid, your game will be jeopardized in the rain. Better change grips and cleats prior to they start to cost you shots rather than after.
3) Gloves
If the rain is set in, you may well get through more than one glove, so constantly keep a spare somewhere dry (inside a provider bag) to be presented when glove primary has done its time. Special rain gloves using extra wet-weather grip have become more popular, and it’s perfectly appropriate to wear a set of such gloves.
4) Waterproof bag/trolley cover

There are a number of waterproof golf bags on the market now, but an easy-to-attach cape or cover will include another layer of defense to help keep things dry.
5) Dry towels

It can be nearly impossible to make a decent swing if your grips are too wet, so a supply of dry towels is extremely recommended. It’s another function for the dependable provider bag. Hanging one from the underframe of your brolly is also a good concept.

6) A good umbrella

Wind and rain are a tough combo to deal with for a large umbrella, so ensure your brolly boasts a good-quality, strong building, ideally with those vents that assist stop it blowing inside out in stronger gusts.
7) Spare scorecards
If you’re playing in a competition or desire to keep rating, an extra scorecard kept someplace safe and dry is a great concept in case it shows impossible to stop the initial getting mushed to a pulp. Documenting your ratings every few holes instead of every hole will assist prevent this by restricting its direct exposure to the elements.
8) Allow for less run
When the ground is damp, the ball won’t run as far. Obvious, we understand, however this needs to be factored into how you play. Less run off the tee might imply you can take more club on holes where you would usually hold back. Method shots are more likely to stop dead on landing; chips and pitches are most likely to get; and putts will be slower, meaning they need to be struck more firmly and will therefore take less break.
9) Hit more strongly in the rough

Wet turf will get the club a lot more than typical and slow the clubhead’s development. So keep everything firmer than typical through impact in wet rough to stop the lawn getting the club with various unfavorable effects!
10) Accept that scoring will not be as good
The majority of us aren’t blessed with the high-end of caddies and even after embracing all the above measures, it can still be hard to keep whatever dry adequate to score well in the rain. So do not get too despondent when you drop shots– it’s the same for everyone and others will be having a hard time too.

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