1. 1.Forget Score and Get In The Zone


Compose your score down for each hole, however decide that it’s not going to matter today. All you’re going to focus on is each shot individually and see what they total up to at the end. When the best gamers worldwide are “in the zone” and shooting rounds in the low 60s, they are generally surprised at the number of birdies they made and what they shot, when they get to the scorers camping tent. Have the mindset of “one shot at a time” and see what they amount to at the end.

  1. Change Your Attitude from Entitled to Grateful


No matter how well you’ve played recently– golf owes you nothing. You can’t expect to play well, that simply doesn’t work. In golf, you require to lose control to get control. What I indicate is, trying and expecting to play well develops pressure and we know what pressure provides for your game. Simply be grateful that you have the ability to get out and play the game and delight in whatever about it.

  1. Accept Bad Shots and Move On Quickly


It’s important to be your best friend out there and respond well when you do not strike shots precisely as you would like. When you beat yourself up over shots, you unconsciously end up being scared of yourself, which develops game damaging tension. I.e. if you’re going to harshly slam yourself then you put pressure on yourself not to hit those shots you don’t desire. Pressure creates tensions which causes more errors. During your next round, practice putting bad shots behind you as rapidly as possible and keeping a favorable attitude.


I have the gamers I coach develop an attitude of acceptance prior to every shot and make it part of their regular, so it’s something that ends up being automatic. The more accepting you are of bad shots, the more complimentary you are on the golf course and the much better you’ll play.

  1. Play Relaxed Golf


Stress is the reverse of self-confidence. When you begin hitting a couple of bad shots, the propensity is to start analyzing and remedying your swing– which you believe is the problem. However tension is the most likely cause. The more you lose self-confidence in your swing, the more tense your body ends up being and more errant your shots. Attempting to repair your swing on the golf course is counter-productive. The very best thing you can do is attempt to relax and decrease stress in your body. There are lots of methods to do this, but the easiest way to get your swing back is to consider loosening your grip to about 75% (if you’re feeling pressure then it’s already a lot tighter than it must be).

  1. Have a Good Course Strategy


This sounds easy, but try to concentrate on it. You probably waste a lot of shots each round due to the fact that you just fire at the pin and disregard what your next shot would might appear like if you miss out on. Play with a conservative aggressive technique– select conservative targets but swing strongly at them.

  1. Stick to Your Pre-shot Routine


Have a pre-shot routine that lasts about 20 seconds. Do not permit whenever for doubt, just concentrate on the series of your routine. If you desire a KILLER pre-shot routine, I have an entire module devoted to it in the Mental Game Improvement System.

  1. Pick Your Target


Prior to a golf shot, you’re probably thinking about lots of things– how excellent your swing feels, your score, ideas about how you look and so on. However the most crucial question you can ask yourself is “where is my target”? It’s that basic. It’ll help you eliminate all those extraneous negative thoughts. If you’re going to concentrate on anything, it’s needs to be that. Make it an actually little and precise one.

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