1. Recognize your weakness

Eric Johnson, who previously dealt with former European Ryder Cup member Per Ulrik Johansson, stated the first thing a player has to do to get better is determine where his game is weakest.

” When I dealt with Johansson, the first thing that I did before every lesson was to look at his trip stats,” Johnson said. “That gave us a clear course on what we were going to work on throughout his lesson. Sadly, you do not have PGA Trip data to search for.”

This is what Johnson suggests:

Keep basic stats of your own– fairways struck, greens in guideline, brief video game up and downs and overall putts. From this, you can determine your weaknesses. The best service that I have actually discovered for keeping data is shotbyshot.com, which assists you electronically track your rounds and provides you a handicap for each part of your video game. This can supply a much more in depth take a look at your stats and offer you an idea what you require to work.

The more information you have, the simpler it is to solve a problem.

2. Develop a pre-shot routine

One of the greatest reasons for striking bad shots is poor positioning, Sean Parees stated.

” If your body is aiming one instructions and you’re swinging at a target in another direction, you need to make some sort of settlement,” Parees stated. “That suggests it is very difficult to swing the club properly.”

Parees stated the best method to avoid that is to develop a pre-shot routine that will achieve two things: Appropriate alignment and correct ball position.

– Here’s what to do:

Get behind the ball with your feet together and set your clubface down so it is facing an intermediate target. Then, as you look at your real target, take a little action with your left foot and slightly bigger action with your right foot. This will guarantee the ball remains in the correct position in the left half of your stance, in between the left heel and the center.

To practice this, take 2 clubs and, positioning them on the ground, use one to represent the target line and the other to represent your body alignment. Location a third club perpendicular to your body alignment to represent your ball position. This will help you aim properly.

3. Clubface Control

The single most significant thing that separates typical gamers from excellent players, good players from excellent players, and great players from Tour-caliber gamers is clubface control, stated Kevin Shields.

” Lesser gamers either open the clubface too much on the backswing or keep it the same amount of open for too long in the downswing,” Shields said. “That requiries the player to desperately attempt to “flip” the club square at the ball.”

Here’s what to do, according to Shields:

Presume a basic grip and try to “twist” your bottom, or right, hand so it faces away from you in the backswing, and keep it dealing with away the entire swing, as if you are wiping your palm throughout a table in the impact location.

Lots of people do not realize that what is thought about by modern-day guideline to be “square” at the top is really 90 degrees open. The clubface requires that much rotation to be square at the ball.

A few of that rotation comes from turning your body, but many originates from your hands and arms. Find out to turn the face toward the ball quicker in the downswing.

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