Do you guys love to play golf? I have a good news for those people who enjoy playing golf.

– Reduces stress

First of all, playing golf reduces stress by certain amount. Because golf is an active sport, it helps you to balance your stress level and help you to fight against depression. In fact, golf increases your heart rate by up to 20 percent and increased heart rate through exercise can result in increased endorphin levels, which is the type of hormone that human body releases after active workouts that make you feel good.

– You make new friends

Making new friend is a good thing, but how should we know who to be friends and who to avoid? Well, here is the answer for you guys: Make new friends, while playing golf. When humans are engaged in certain activities, such as playing soccer games or participating in a marathon, their attitudes can be easily noticed. That’s why playing golf with your friends or making friends while you’re playing golf can help you to identify friends who will be a good fit for you or whether you should stay away from them. Our true selves show more when we in a relaxed state.

– You get good exercise

Statistically, women walk at east 2 kilometers when they are going for shopping. Unfortunately men do not enjoy going shopping. However, when playing golf, regardless of gender both men and women walk more than 2 kilometers on average.

Morover, if you are serious about golf and stay consistent with your practice, it actually keeps you from getting fat. When swing a golf club, your arms get a good workout, hence your arm strength will increase as well your muscles will look more definied. It is not to say that you will look like Arnold anytime soon, however, you will be in good shape and stay lean as long as you keep your diet in check without eating too much calories.

– You learn how to stay disciplined

As I mentioned above, you can notice others’ attitudes and behaviors while playing golf with them. Furthermore, you can control your own behavior by playing golf. Everyone behaves a certain way when they facing stressful situations, such as working under pressure, but people who play sports, such as golf or football, tend to stay disciplined, even under tough conditions.

In the end, playing golf is not just a fun type of activity. It is a good way to deal with stress and stay healthy. Also, it can be a good teacher to teach self-discipline.

Studies have shown that the more someone is dedicated to a particular sport, the likely they are dedicated and focused on other areas of life. It’s not just about having fun and playing a game, but in the end you learn a valuable lesson about life.

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